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2% to Vinca Minor Association

    Vinca Minor Association invites you to become partners in environmental projects and community activities. Their purpose is to improve the quality of life. Individuals have the possibility to direct their 2% from their tax of the last year’s income to a non profit organization.

    This thing:
  • doesn’t cost you anything
  • if you don’t direct this 2% to an NGO, this amount will remain for the State’s budget

    How can you direct 2% from the tax for Vinca Minor Association?

      If you are an employee, download the 230th form, an application related to the destination of the amount representing the 2 % from the annual tax, then you need to print it, complete it and sign it.

      If you have other incomes from different sources ( free professions - doctor, lawyer, notary, accountant, architect - rents, royalties, etc..), you have the legal obligation to hand in a statement of your income at the financial administration. On the same declaration you can mark and direct the 2% of your tax to us. You only have to download the 200th form, a special declaration connected to your income, then you have to print it, complete it and sign it. If you are an employee, you can also send the 230th form.

      Please send the completed and signed forms to the financial administration until 15. 05. 2010. You can also send it by post or you can bring it personally to the registry of the financial administration. Or if you are from Covasna County, you can send it to us and we can forward it to the financial administration.


      It’s not necessary to specify the directed amount; this amount will be automatically calculated by the tax authorities. The above mentioned forms are prefilled with data indicating the direction of the 2 % of the tax amount paid by you to the Vinca Minor Association (you can use it if you have a completed form)

      Thank you for your support!

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